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New Volkswagen technology is the key to the 'electric car for all'

New Volkswagen technology is the key to the 'electric car for all'

Volkswagen has unveiled the vehicle platform – called MEB – which will be used across its range of electric vehicles.

The rolling chassis has been designed specifically for pure electric vehicles and by the end of 2027, the four VW Group brands will sell 27 different models based on it.

Volkswagen says MEB is the key to the ‘electric car for all’ and its price-service ratio will be instrumental in transforming the electric vehicle from a niche product into a bestseller.

Thomas Ulbrich, Volkswagen Group brand board member for e-mobility, said: “We will make electric vehicles popular and get as many people as possible excited about electric cars.

“The MEB is one of the most important projects in the history of Volkswagen – a technological milestone, similar to the transition from the Beetle to the Golf. The MEB is the economic and technological backbone of the electric car for all.”

The first car to be based on the platform will be the Volkswagen ID, with production due to start on this range at the end of next year.

The Volkswagen Group plans to sell some 150,000 electric cars, including 100,000 ID models, by 2020.

MEB was unveiled at the launch of the group’s Electric For All campaign, which also saw the unveiling of a design prototype of the “Volks-Wallbox”.

Volkswagen said this Wallbox is an affordable home system that will make charging the ID family easy and convenient.

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