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Volvo to offer test drives through online retailer Amazon's Prime Now service

Volvo to offer test drives through online retailer Amazon's Prime Now service

Volvo Car UK has teamed up with online retail specialist Amazon to allow drivers access to its vehicles with a ‘Prime Now test drives’ initiative.

The partnership means that Amazon customers can book a test drive via the Prime Now UK delivery platform and have a Volvo V40 hatchback delivered to their door by a Volvo product specialist at the time of their choosing.

Initially being trialled with the V40 and for a limited time only, the partnership is available to customers living in four UK cities – London, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh – on select weekends in June and July.

Jon Wakefield, managing director, Volvo Car UK, said: “At Volvo Cars, we aim to make people’s lives easier. Our ‘Prime Now test drive’ offer does just that, allowing potential customers to try our V40 on their terms and in familiar surroundings.

“We’re proud to team up with Amazon to deliver this unique initiative, the first of its kind in the UK and the latest in a range of offerings from Volvo designed to take the hassle out of running a car.”

Volvo said a sign-up process for the test drive “takes just a few minutes”, and Amazon customers then enter their postcode on the dedicated ‘Amazon Prime Now Test Drive’ webpage at www.amazon.co.uk/volvo, select their location and choose an available time slot.

Should the customer be interested in a purchase following the test drive, they will be directed to their local Volvo retailer.

Prime Now test drive slots last for 45 minutes, and will be available over the following weekends:

London 9-10 June
Birmingham 16-17 June
Manchester 23-24 June
Edinburgh 30 June-1 July

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